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Content Updated: 17th October 2012

Please choose a question:


-- Why do badgers have stripy faces?
-- Do foxes and badgers bury their dead?


-- What is echolocation and how do bats use it?
-- How is moth evolution linked to bat echolocation
-- What bat species are found in the UK?
-- What it the Pipistrelle Split?
-- Is the expression “blind as a bat” justified?
-- What should I do if I find an injured bat?


-- What are Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis and what do they have to do with deer?
-- What are antlers and why do deer have them?


-- Are hedgehogs a threat to ground-nesting birds?
-- I have hedgehogs and loads of slugs and snails in my garden. Don’t hedgehogs eat these slimy little pests?
-- Do hedgehogs carry bovine tuberculosis and/or other diseases that pose a danger to humans or livestock?
-- The hedgehog in my garden looks like it’s had one too many. Can hedgehogs get drunk from eating rotting/fermenting fruit?
-- Are hedgehogs declining in the UK?
-- What impact do roads have on the hedgehog population?
-- How many hedgehogs are there in the UK?
-- Help! I've found a weak/sick/injured hedgehog. What should I do?
-- Can rehabilitated hedgehogs be released back into the wild?
-- Do slug pellets pose a threat to hedgehogs?
-- How significant are foxes and badgers as predators of hedgehogs?
-- Why haven't hedgehogs evolved not to have late/second litters by now?
-- Do hedgehogs eat mice? [In Preparation]


-- What is mange?
-- What is rabies and where does the fox fit in?
-- How can I keep foxes out of my garden and secure my pets?
-- What do you know about losing a pet?
-- Why shouldn’t I feed foxes (and animals in general) chocolate?
-- Why does my dog seem to have a penchant for rolling in fox scat?
-- Are foxes native to Britain?
-- Does surplus killing represent a "waste" of energy and resources for a fox?
-- Are there exceptions to the 'Scatter Cache Rule' for foxes and what are the benefits of Scatter Caching?
-- Are foxes colour blind?
-- Can I keep a fox as a pet?
-- When and how did foxes come to live in our towns and cities?
-- Are urban foxes unique to Britain?
-- Are fox numbers increasing in Britain?
-- Is it likely that a fox will attack me, my child, my cat or my dog?
-- Should we be culling foxes in urban areas?
-- Should we reintroduce large predators (such as wolves, lynx and bears) to control fox numbers?
-- Why do foxes kill their own young and the young of other foxes?
-- Do foxes and badgers bury their dead?
-- Are foxes getting bolder and, if so, why?
-- What are Samson foxes?
-- Are American and European foxes different species?
-- Are British and European foxes different species?
-- Are urban foxes getting bigger?
-- What parasites and diseases do foxes carry?
-- Can foxes be rehabilitated and released back into the wild? [In Preparation]
-- What triggers dispersal in foxes? [In Preparation]
-- Why are foxes so smelly? [In Preparation]
-- Do foxes kill for fun? [In Preparation]


-- What is hibernation?
-- Why help your parents raise their offspring?
-- Why extend your territory during the winter?
-- How is it that marine mammals are able to see underwater while we are not?
-- Why is the largest mammal bigger than the largest fish?
-- Is it okay for me to feed wildlife? Am I causing any harm by putting out table scraps or seed for local animals?

Sharks and Rays

-- Are sharks primitive?
-- How do Whale and Basking sharks grow so big eating such small fodder?
-- How do sharks and rays control their buoyancy without a swim-bladder?
-- How do elasmobranchs crush hard prey, with a ‘soft’ skeleton?
-- Do sharks have any predators other than man?
-- When did the first sharks appear on Earth?


-- Why is the Red squirrel declining in the UK?
-- What controls the cacheing behaviour of squirrels and how do they find their buried nuts?
-- Why are some squirrels of the same species different colours?

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