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Content Updated: 4th October 2016

Below is a list of the sites that I consider well worth a visit if you wish to investigate some of the topics covered on this website further. For convenience, I have separated them into sections.  New sites will be added as I stumble across them but, if there is a site that you think should be on this page, please e-mail me with the URL(s). Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that all submitted websites will be included. Please note that, although I have visited and assessed the content of these sites on several occasions, I cannot be held responsible for changes to the content of external links since my last visit.  Please e-mail any concerns about content to me. Links to websites of those people who have helped with this site can, for contact purposes, be found on the Many Thanks page.

Please note: Some of the below are commercial websites that are included because they may be of use/interest to readers. Their inclusion here does not, however, count as an endorsement for their products/services. Please report any broken links to the webmaster.


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Animal Behaviour

Distress in Animals: Is it Fear, Pain or Physical Stress?
An article on the emotions of animals by behaviourists Temple Grandin and Mark Deesing

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The definitive online resource to badgers in the UK. The site contains information about the European badger, including details of badger ecology, where and how to watch these animals, links to other 'badgery' information on the web and activities for children.

Badger Trust
A conservation organization (formally the National Federation of Badger Groups) whose aim is the protection of badgers through education. The trust represents some 60 local badger groups and is composed of a number of badger experts who offer advice to governmental bodies.

Devon Badger Watch
Website of the the Devon Badger Watch. The site contains some general information about badgers, but is primarily concerned with introducing people to these animals and run various badger watching trips, including some aimed at children.

South Yorkshire Badger Group
Website of the South Yorks Badger Group, which contains details about the activities of the charity, as well as information about badgers and, in particular, bovine TB.

Tales from the Wood - The Diary of a Badger Watching Man
A fantastic blog site documenting the personal experiences of the naturalist author. The site contains a wealth of information about badgers, along with photos, videos and more general musings by the author. There is an informative guide to badger watching, as well as a forum in which to ask questions.

University of Michigan's Badger Narrative
Part of the University's Animal Diversity Web program, this site contains details on the natural history of the European badger.

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Basically Bats
A non-profit organization in California dedicated to the education, conservation, research and rehabilitation of bats.

Bat Conservation and Management
Information on the conservation and management of bat populations across North America.

Bat Conservation Trust (UK)
Information of UK bat species, their conservation and detailed information on care for grounded bats. Also contains information about Local Bat Groups.

Bat Detective
A fascinating website designed to educate all age groups on the life styles of bats. Contains details of all UK Bat Groups.

Bats of Britain
Bat information and research provided by the University of Bristol.

First Nature: Bats
An illustrated guide to the bats of Britain and Europe.

KidZone Bats
Very accessible information aimed at children of all ages, from pre-school onwards.

Vivien Jones' Flying Foxes on Bellingen Island (Australia)
Some breath-taking photos of New South Wales' Fruit bats by freelance photographer Vivien Jones.

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British Garden Birds
Fantastic site by amateur birdwatcher and BTO Regional Representative for Yorkshire Southwest and Yorkshire Southeast regions David Gains. The site contains information on common species of bird seen in gardens across Britain as well as a wealth of information from bird baths to bird photography. David has clearly put a lot of effort into the site and it shows. Well worth a visit.

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British Wildlife Centre
A conservation and rehabilitation centre devoted to educating and inspiring members of the public (particularly school children) about Britain's native fauna. The Centre is home to more than 40 different species of British birds and mammals and is open to the public for visits and photography days. The Centre is also part of captive breeding schemes for several endangered British mammal species, including the Red squirrel, Scottish wildcat and Hazel dormouse. Moreover, the site contains a collection of stunning photos by the Centre's head keeper, Matt Binstead.

Environmental Library: Endangered Animals
Website of the African American Environmentalist Association offering information on the conservation of endangered species. This site is a link resource to other new and conservation sites and is aimed at children.

Marine Conservation Society
A UK-based marine charity committed to cleaning up and conserving the marine environment.

Natural History Museum (London)
Promoting the discovery, understanding, enjoyment, and responsible use of the natural world. This site allows you to explore their world-class collections, fantastic exhibitions and cutting-edge research online.

Natural History Museum - Local Natural History Societies Portal
A page on the NHM's site from where you can explore the diverse world of Local Natural History Societies. LNHS do terrific work in biological surveying, recording and teaching and require your support, membership and interest in order to prosper.

People and Wildlife
Website of the People and Wildlife Initiative that acts as a hub for all matters related to human-wildlife conflicts.

Water Conservation for Kids
Website of Water Policy International, aimed at teaching children about water conservation. The site contains links to various other resources with the goal of helping children learn about the water cycle and how we use water.

Wild on Wight
Website detailing the biodiversity on the Isle of Wight off the Hampshire coast. The site is constructed by the Isle of Wight Council and contains information and links on protecting their endangered species, along with details of the various habitats to be found on the island. There is also an online library from where various publications of the Isle of Wight Biodiversity Group can be downloaded as PDFs.

Wildlife Conservation & Research Unit (WildCRU)
Part of the University of Oxford's Department of Zoology, this unit if fronted by Prof. David Macdonald and contains some of the world's foremost vertebrate biologists and ecologists. The Unit has projects across the world, and has carried out the single most detailed study of an English woodland ecosystem -- Wytham Woods in Oxford -- ever conducted.

Wild Spirits of Nova Scotia
Wild Spirits is a wildlife conservation project in Canada, run by WildCRU biologists Christina Buesching and Chris Newman. According to Drs. Buesching and Newman: "The proposed study will use a variety of census and survey tools to look at indicators of [climate] change over a variety of species, habitats and ecosystems."

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
A charity supporting research into, and protection of, cetaceans.

Zoological Society of London
The ZSL is spearheading ground-breaking and cutting-edge research in zoology and conservation around the world. The Society also provides visitors with an opportunity to see and learn about some of the species and habitats they're involved in protecting and understanding when they visit their zoos in London (London Zoo) and Bedfordshire (Whipsnade).

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British Deer Parks and Farmers Association
An umbrella group of deer parks and deer farmers in the UK. The association promotes deer farming and the sale of venison.

British Deer Society
A national charity providing advice on deer biology and deer management. The site contains brief profiles on all species of deer found within the UK, including a list of some species held in parks. The website really excels in the coverage of deer legislation.

Deer Collisions Project
An initiative setup to highlight the problems of deer-vehicle collisions in Europe and promote research into reducing the number of road traffic accidents involving these animals.

Deer Initiative
A broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interests dedicated to "ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England and Wales".

Deer Study and Resource Centre
An organisation, containing various experts in deer biology and management, offering advice on deer natural history.

Isle of Rum Red Deer Project
Described as 'the longest-running study of a wild mammal in Britain' the Red Deer Project was established in 1953 and is now run by a team of biologists at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. A great deal of what we currently know about the natural history of the Red deer has come from this project.

Montana State University – Deer Need Tough Love This Winter
A well-written article from 2003 about how feeding deer early in the winter can result in a dependence on people later in the season.

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Dogs and other Carnivores

Canid Specialist Group
Lots of scientific information about the dogs, wolves and foxes of the world.

Carnivore Ecology and Conservation
Online resources on carnivore biology and ecology aimed at scientists and conservationists.

Dr P's Dog Training
Dr. Mark Plonsky's site containing everything you ever wanted to know about domestic dogs...and then some!

International Wolf Center
Details of the activities of the IWC in Minnesota along with some information on basic wolf biology and various activities for children.

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Derbyshire Fox Rescue
A rescue charity offering advice and treatments for mange in foxes.

Fox Forest
Educational website covering many aspects of Red fox biology and behaviour. The site includes a forum in which to ask questions and share stories and a superb collection of fox audio clips.

Fox Watch Ireland
A nice site packed full of foxy info. Topics include: "Finding Foxes", "Finding Earths", "Vocalisation" and "Socialisation & Communication". Coupled with a host of information -- including how to properly dispose of your waste so that it won't injure wildlife -- are some brilliant photos of the foxes this organisation helps.

Lakeland Hunting Memories
Superbly informative website constructed by Ron Black. The site deals with the history of fox hunting in the Lakeland Fells (Cumbria). The site also includes one of, if not the, most detailed accounts of the 'greyhound' fox of legend.

Living with Urban Foxes
An advisory booklet produced by Bristol City Council answering some of the commonly asked questions about foxes in urban areas. This links directly to a PDF.

National Fox Welfare Society
The NFWS was the brainchild of fox biologist Martin Hemmington. Based in Northamptonshire, the society gives free advice to members of the public regarding fox care and how to deal with problem foxes.

Oklahoma Foxes
A fabulous Vicki Fox guest site by avid fox watcher and artist John Martin. The site contains first-hand accounts of the fox activity witnessed by Mr. Martin near his suburban home along with some superb photographs.

OzFoxes Fox Web
Website by artists Margaret and Robert Carspecken. The site contains some well-written and amusing fox-related information, including a bio of foxes and some FAQs. The site is also the home of the web-renowned foxy comic strip Faux Pas.

Prince Edward Island (PEI) Foxes
Another fascinating Vicki Fox guest site, this time by fox lover Janet Wright. On her site, Janet provides some first-hand observations on a family of foxes that regularly visit her farm in SE Canada. The site also contains some excellent photos and video stills of the foxes in question.

The Domestic Fox
Details of the re-homing of foxes produced as part of the Russian Fox Domestication Experiment.

The Fox Project
Charity devoting its time and energy to the rescue and rehabilitation of Red foxes in the UK. The site also contains authoritative articles on disease and fox deterrence.

The Fox Website
Everything you ever wanted to know about Red foxes, from a very reliable source. The site was created (and is maintained) by Bristol University's Mammal Research unit, including some heavy hitters in the mammal-research world, such as Professor Stephen Harris.

The Sitting Fox
A fantastic website about Red foxes, although the site also attempts to document other wildlife in the author's area. The site contains blogs detailing the comings-and-goings of the author's local fox family along with some superb photos and some awesome behavioural interactions caught on video. This is all bound together by a strong and highly accurate overview of the study and concepts of ecology and the natural history of foxes. Highly recommended.

The World of Vicki Fox
A nice site by Michael Russell with superb cartoon artwork from Laura Howell. This neat site contains 'Vicki Fox' comic strips and is the host for some excellent personal observation web logs about foxes.

University of Michigan Red Fox Narrative
Part of the University's Animal Diversity Web program, this section includes a comprehensive overview of the natural history of the Red fox.

Vulpes World
A very interesting fox information database. Admittedly something of a challenge to navigate, but some interesting and useful information nonetheless.

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Fungi and Plants

Northern Ireland Fungus Group
Highly informative website covering many different aspects of fungus natural history. Includes details on participating in recording forays and various survey reports.

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General Wildlife Blogs and Websites

English Country Garden
Website of Jenny Bailey detailing photographically the range of wildlife that visits her garden. The site also contains some stunning shots of her garden changing with the seasons and a list of garden plants that deer tend not to eat.

Palaeontology by KTDYKES
To those people who frequent the BBC message boards or the Elmhurst Solution Forums, ktdykes (or Trevor) is a username synonymous with extinct mammals. Not only is Trevor a very knowledgeable person on the subject of palaeo-mammals, he manages to combine the -- at times rather daunting -- science with his unique brand of humour. The result is a site that is not only factually accurate -- at least as much as palaeontologists ever seem to agree! -- but also written in a language accessible to all.

Ron Bury's Wildlife
Scottish Wildlife, Landscape and Waterscape Fine Art Photography from the Highlands of Scotland Fine Art Prints from Scottish Wildlife Photography and Digital Artwork by Ron Bury. This is Ron's blog, which also contains information about Scottish Red squirrel surveys.

The Inked Naturalist
General wildlife and natural history musings by freelance ecologist and writer Tristan Reid.

The Natural Stuff
Website of naturalist and taxidermist Jonathan McGowan. Jonathan is, in his own words, a "all round naturalist" who currently sits as the deputy curator of Bournemouth Natural History Society's museum. This site is focused on Jonathan's Natural History interests and contains photos of his forays into the wild as well as of his meticulous taxidermy. There are also a page dedicated to unusual natural history (including 'road kill recipes') and a link to Jonathan's other passion: investigating reports of big cats in Britain.

UK Safari
A veritable treasure-trove of information on British Wildlife. Information included on this site includes species profiles, things to do (including: making decorations, dissecting bird pellets, dolphin watch and building nest boxes for birds) and a nature shop.

When To Watch Wildlife
An excellent site by Peter "McS", a botanist-by-training, providing a month-by-month guide to wildlife here in the UK.

Wild South London: It's a jungle out there...
A nature blog by Will Penrose detailing some of his wanderings around South London.

With Nature
A general UK nature and outdoors lifestyle website, created by Matt Phillips.

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British Hedgehog Preservation Society
A charity involved in protecting and educating people about European Hedgehogs. Their site includes FAQ, general information on hedgehog biology and behaviour as well as a gallery, kids zone and the opportunity to send in your hedgehog stories for inclusion in a new book currently in preparation. If you're into feeding and/or caring for hedgehogs in a big way, you can download the Society's "Hogalogue", a catalogue of goods (e.g. hedgehog food, hedgehog houses, cards, books etc.) profits from which help support the organisation.

An acronym for "Care Rehabilitation and Aid for Sick Hedgehogs", CRASH provides a hedgehog rehabilitation service from their base in Poole, Dorset. The website contains answers to some hedgehog FAQ's as well as advice for people feeding or caring for hedgehogs.

European Hedgehog Site
A nice little site, run by Bethany-Jane Stewart, containing information on hedgehog natural history, conservation and rescue advice. Bethany has also started a campaign aimed at trying to reduce the damage strimmers and elastic bands (often dropped by Royal Mail staff) cause to hedgehogs.

Happy Hedgehog Rescue
Hedgehog rescue centre in Yateley, in Hampshire. The site contains blog posts about hedgehogs and contains information and contact numbers for those with questions about caring for hedgehogs. You can also donate through the page using PayPal.

Hedgehog Bottom
Small hedgehog rescue charity based in Thatcham, West Berkshire. They care for sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs, aiming to release as many of their charges as possible back into the wild when they're fully recovered. They also try to increase public awareness of the plight of Britain's hedgehogs wherever possible and this website goes a considerable way to fulfilling that mandate. The site contains a wealth of information about hedgehogs and how to help them, along with a fascinating collection of hedgehog sound bites, accompanied by an authorative interpretation. Well worth a visit.

Hedgehog Habitat
Steve Groves' website through which he sells hedgehog houses. The site contains examples of different types of hedgehog houses (or 'habitats'), along with information about which to choose and where to situate them in your garden. There is also a brief QA regarding hedgehogs and habitats.

Hedgehog Helpline
Advice on caring for hedgehogs, including a phone number (based in Cardiff, UK) to call with urgent queries. The site also contains information about building hedgehog feeding stations and houses as well as a fascinating gallery (Note: Some images may cause distress) and a hedgehog quiz.

Hedgehog Research Page
Website detailing the research of hedgehog biologist and carer Dr Toni Bunnell. The site contains links to some of her scientific papers on hedgehogs and her more general thoughts on hedgehog care.

Hedgehog Street
A project run by the People's Trust for Endangered Species to highlight the decline in hedgehogs, promote hedgehog conservation, and encourage people to link their gardens to allow hedgehogs, and other wildlife, to move freely between them. The site also contains some general information about hedgehogs and the work of the PTES and British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Hog Blog
A chronicle of the hedgehogs (and other wildlife) visiting Mr Wilson's Oxfordshire garden. The site includes various photos, videos and hoggy links.

Sponsored by the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, HogWatch is a nationwide survey of hedgehog populations coordinated by Dr. Paul Bright of Royal Holloway (part of the University of London).

Ron's Hedgehog Website
Website by Herefordshire-based hedgehog carer Ron Wall. The site contains a wealth of information on caring for hedgehogs, including instructions for creating a hedgehog-friendly garden, building a hedgehog house and a hedgehog feeder and caring for hoglets.

St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital
Website of the hospital, based in Aylesbury (UK), started by husband-&-wife team Les and Sue Stocker on 9th August 1985. Over the years, the hospital has become a teaching hospital and has pioneered several treatments for sick animals as well as publishing several books, leaflets and papers. The site contains information on what to do with animal casualties. There is also a page for children with various fun and entertaining wildlife activities. Although known predominantly for their work with hedgehogs, the team at St. Tiggywinkles rescue and rehabilitate a whole range of wildlife.

Steve C's Hedgehog Page
Steve's website is eclectic to say the least, with pages devoted to the super-sleuthing 11th Century monk Cadfael (from the Ellis Peters novels) and Tivo upgrades. However, in amongst these gems is a fantastic collection of pages about European hedgehogs. The site contains some excellent photos to accompany information about hedgehog natural history and threats.

Uist Hedgehog Rescue
North & South Uist are islands off Northwest Scotland that have made the news recently because hedgehogs there (having been introduced to tackle garden pests) have been implicated in the decline of several important bird species. UHR is involved in rescuing as many hedgehogs as possible and relocating them on the UK mainland.

Willows Hedgehog Rescue
Website and blog of wildlife ranger 'CharlieCreek'. The site contains information about his current hedgehog patients, along with information about how to help hedgehogs in your garden. This is a 'micro site' within his main ecology-centred blog Local Life & Little Histories, which contains a wealth of wildlife information and podcasts.

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Local Wildlife Groups

Netherfield Wildlife Group
Website of the Netherfield Wildlife Group who monitor and document the wildlife of the Netherfield Lagoons of the Trent Valley Floodplain in Nottinghamshire.

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Miscellaneous Interesting Websites

Jennifer's Little World
Jennifer Jain's entertaining blog about life with kids. Despite not having any children myself, Jenni's down-to-earth and humourous writing style lends itself very easily to being read. In fact, I found myself reading a couple of pages just now, when all I visited for was to confirm the URL!

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Nature Blogs

Everything's Permuted
Initially just an excellent site by fox-watcher Paul Cecil, containing marvellous photos and video clips of foxes visiting the family’s garden, this site has since expanded to cover the variety of wildlife that Paul encounters in his garden and on his walks. The the site provides succinct answers to some fox FAQs, has some excellent videos of the foxes in his garden and is more generally illustrated with his stunning photographs.

Kingfisher Diary
Blog diary of the kingfishers of the River Trent in Staffordshire by Andy Holt. The site contains interesting information about kingfishers as well as some stunning photos and video of the birds in action. Andy has been granted a licence to study and photograph these protected birds.

Natural Ramblings
Nature blog by Winchester-based naturalist Esther Farmer. The blog covers her day-to-day wildlife observations, written in an informal and enthusiastic style that will appeal to the amateur and professional alike.  Well worth a look.

Nature Is My Elixr
A blog described by its writer, photographer and naturalist author as her "musing on the natural world and all living things". Some excellent photographs and inspiring poetry.

Notes of Nature
Natural history blog by camping and wildlife enthusiast Tim Havenith. The site covers a diversity of topics around the walks he takes, wildlife he finds and the projects he is involved with.

Pat Bennett's Blog
Fascinating blog by naturalist and photographer Pat Bennett. The site contains brief articles about his attempts at photographing various species of wildlife, most recently the awe-inspiring task of photographing bats in flight, along with some of his superb pictures. From the blog you can also get to his main website, containing photos of wildlife from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Ghana.

Prairie Ice
A blog containing the musings of Antartican and Great Plains biologist John Carlson. John posts some of his stunning photos on his blog helping him provide a unique look at the ecology and wildlife of these breath-taking places.

The Blue Cabin Blog
Blog website of former solicitor and furniture designer Mike Faulkner, who currently writes full-time. The site contains extracts of life on the otherwise uninhabited island of Islandmore in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. Be sure to check out Mike's video of the seal pup who visited their jetty recently.

The Nature Blog
Described as "The ramblings of an amateur naturalist" by its author, zoologist graduate Richard Adams, this site provides details of Richard's walks and observations on the natural wonders that he encounters. It includes topical content (the plight of Britain's bees at the moment) as well as a growing collection of informative profiles on some of our wildlife.

Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary
Blog of naturalist and amateur wildlife photographer Tony McLean. The blog covers topics and subjects associated with his wanders and contains a selection of stunning photos. From the blog you can navigate to his Flickr photostream, which contains a visual spectacle of breath-taking photos that will keep you coming back for more.

UK Wildlife Blog
A fascinating wildlife blog by WAB member and naturalist Neil Philips. It is a blog of Neil's wildlife trips (largely around Kent, Essex and London) accompanied by some excellent photos by the author. The blog also contains the odd article about British wildlife, where the emphasis is on trying to include some information that's not widely published.

Urban Extension
Superb wildlife blog by wildlife enthusiast Jane Adams. Contains some excellent photo and video of the various wildlife she encounters in and out of her garden. Check out the fox grooming video and the badgers!

Wild About Hull and East Riding
A weblog by amateur naturalist and photographer Robert Carter. Covers various topics concerning the wildlife and habitats of Hull and East Riding and includes many of Rob's excellent photos.

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Nature Photo Galleries

Exquisite nature photographs by husband-and-wife team Alan and Sandra Peschke.

Adrian Faulkner Photography
A fantastic site by part-time wildlife photographer Adrian Faulkner, containing some superb photos of Red foxes taken at the British Wildlife Centre in London as well as a host of other native and non-native species and landscapes too. Moreover, for every print he sells from the site, a donation is made to a conservation charity.

Adrian Morrison Photography
Website of South Wales-based wildlife photographer Adrian Morrison. The site contains a selection of his excellent nature shots and, for the budding photographer, each shot contains a summary of EXIF data (i.e. the camera, lens, ISO, shutter speed, etc. used)

Alexander Eames' PhotoStream
British mammal enthusiast Alex's Flickr page displaying some of his superb wildlife shots. Alex has a special passion for British rodents and has a collection of mice and voles - he is about to embark on a Harvest mouse release program with the British Wildlife Centre.

Arthur Grosset Photography
Some stunning wildlife (mainly bird) photographs by naturalist Arthur Grosset.

Avalon Birding
Some excellent photographs of birds, insects and landscapes of the UK by nature loving photo-hobbyist, Alan Browne.

Ben Jones Wildlife Photography
Website of aspiring wildlife photographer Ben Jones. Ben is currently studying Marine Biology at Swansea University and his site contains images of a wide spectrum of different natural history subjects both on the land and below the waves.

Bruce Montagne Photography
Some truly superb photographs of the wild places and wildlife of Canada by photographer Bruce Montagne.

Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick Photography
Spectacular photographs from award winning Michigan photographers Carl Sams & Jean Stoick. Whether your penchant is for mammals, birds or landscapes you'll find something to make you say "Wow!".

Craig Denford Photography
Blog of landscape and wildlife photographer Craig Denford. The site contains some excellent shots of Red deer rutting at Richmond Park, Great Crested Grebes with offspring in tow and the town of Guildford in all seasons. A very entertaining read.

Eager Beever Photography
Some stunning wildlife and landscape photographs and artwork by Chris Beever. Well worth a visit to marvel at some beautiful animals and tranquil scenery up close and personal. Please note that this is a commercial photography site.

Foto Search
Several thousand stunning nature-related images by some world-class photographers. A great place to indulge a love of wildlife through the photographic media. This link will take you to the home page, from where you can use the search box at the top of the page to find images of your favourite animals. Please note that this is a commercial photography site.

High-Speed Flash Nature Photography
Website by East Sussex-based nature photographer Dale Sutton. The site contains some of Dale's stunning photos of wildlife, including some excellent shots of birds in flight.

Ian Rolfe Photography
Simply a collection of superb photos by wildlife and landscape photographer Ian Rolfe.

Website by amateur naturalist and photographer Peter Drury. Some excellent shots on various subjects, including Britain's birds, mammals and arthropods as well as both urban and rural landscapes.

James McKenzie Wildlife Photographer
Website of Kent-based wildlife photographer James McKenzie. The site contains various images, primarily of birds, but also some mammals and reptiles from the various wildlife centres (notably the British Wildlife Centre and Wild Wood) he has visited.

James Warwick Wildlife Photography
An exquisite selection of stunning photos of the natural world by Kenyan- and Brighton-based photographer James Warwick. The site contains images of animals from around the world, including some shots of the scientists researching lions at the Laikipia District of Kenya at work. Well worth a click.

Jason Steel Wildlife Photography
A selection of superb photos by wildlife photographer Jason Steel. Jason's passion is for reptiles and amphibians; this shines through in his work, with some of the best snake photos to be found anywhere. The site also contains various species of birds and mammals to be found in Britain (natives and non-natives) as well as a few species he has encountered on his trips to Spain and from various zoological collections. A visual treat.

Jeff Harrison Photography
A collection of breath-takingly stunning photographs of the natural world, from landscapes to birds and animals. Jeff's work can best be described as original images of the UK's wildlife, Nature and countryside - he has a particular penchant for kingfishers and barn owls, which is reflected in his work. Anyone with a love of wildlife cannot help but bookmark this website for future viewing!

Jerry Hoare's Wildlife Sounds and Images
A superb photo library by naturalist Jerry Hoare. As well as an impressive gallery, this site contains sound and video recordings of various birds he has encountered. For those wishing to try their hand at something similar, Jerry lists his equipment on the site too.

Joel Wally Wildlife Photography
Website and blog of Wales-based photographer Joel Wally. The site contains a nice range of wildlife that he has found on his travel, including some intimate portraits of our lesser seen wild creatures (check out his blog post with photos of stoats playing, the baby whitethroat chicks and the bats in flight).

Jon Atkinson: Wildlife and World Photographer
A set of galleries containing superb images by Jon Atkinson. The site is ordered by location and contains an inspirational collection of photographs of wildlife, monuments, landscapes and local people.

Jost Images
The site of wildlife photographer Klaus Jost. This site hosts some impressive photographs by Mr. Jost, with some nice photos of some of the shark species (e.g. Lemon, Blacktip, Great White, Bull etc.) that he's been diving with over the years.

Keith Talbot New Forest Wildlife
Some excellent shots by amateur naturalist and photographer Keith Talbot. Keith's collection includes some superb shots of deer; some of which will soon feature on the Deer page of this site. This site is well worth a visit.

Linda Priestley's Wildlife
Beautiful photos of the natural world by talented amateur naturalist Linda Priestley's. Unmissable.

Martin Seward Wildlife Photography
A fantastic collection of wildlife photos from Hampshire-based amateur wildlife photographer Martin. The gallery includes several interesting behavioural shots, including swimming Roe deer and chick-feeding Great created grebes.

Matt Cole Wildlife Photography
Website of wildlife photographer Matt Cole. Matt has taken some stunning shots of the wildlife he has encountered and his macro work is truly amazing.

Matthew Hunt Photography
Superb photos by "part time freelance photographer" Matt Hunt. This link takes you to Mr. Hunt's Flickr image gallery.

Mendip Wildlife Photography
A stunning collection of, predominantly macro, photos of the wildlife to be found on Somerset's Mendip Hills by amateur naturalist Heath McDonald. Each photo contains details of the photographic (EXIF) settings at which it was taken, which will prove useful for budding photographers.

MJ Wild Things Photography Expeditions
An ocean life website by marine biologist, photographer and cinematographer Dr. Michael Jessup. The aim of the site is to increase and enrich the public's awareness and appreciation of the fine arts through the preservation and protection of our oceans' ecosystems and the terrain that border them. This site contains some fantastic photos along with details of how you can get involved with an expedition.

Modern Litho Stock Image Finder
An image finder that searches a variety of different websites and stock image libraries.

Naturenutz Images - The Flora and Fauna of Britain
Website of naturalist and photographer Vic Savery, with images of British wildlife concentrated in the counties of South Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Nicola Broadbridge Photography
Zenfolio site of Freshwater Biologist and amateur nature photographer Nicola Broadbridge. The site contains some superb photos, including some truly spectacular action shots of Red Kites.

Pas Digital Photography
Flickr website of nature photographer Paul Sawford. Paul has a superb collection of eclectic wildlife images captured from hotspots around the country. I recommend a look at Paul's bird shots, particularly some brilliant Tawny owl images.

Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
A stunning collection of wildlife images by husband-and-wife naturalists Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh. The site is primarily concerned with British wildlife and contains breath-taking images of everything from our fungi to our birds of prey. Well worth a visit.

Roger Powley Photography
A superb collection of photographs from Isle of Wight photographer Roger Powley. The site showcases a selection of his eclectic interests in the great outdoors, from insects to sailing. Roger also maintains a Flickr gallery, which is well worth a visit.

Sheppy Wildlife
Website of Isle of Sheppy-based naturalist and amateur photographer Phil Haynes. Phil is a very talented photographer and this site is a tribute to his skill, dedication and love for the Natural World. The galleries contain regularly updated examples of his work and is a worthwhile visit for any wildlife lover.

Steve "fourwings" Houghton Photography
A stunning collection of photos highlighting Steve's interests in the natural world and aviation. Well worth a visit for some of those 'I wish I could take photos like that' moments!

Strathspey Wildlife
Website of wildlife photographers Bill & Kevin Cuthbert. The site contains a fantastic range of stunning wildlife pictures from the wilds of Scotland's Cairngorms. The mammal gallery contains one of the few images of a wild Scottish wildcat in existence.

Wight Life Photography
Stunning shots of some of the Isle of Wight's diverse wildlife by photographer Paul Blatchley. The site also contains some breath-taking scenic and sporting views; the site has something for everyone. In conjunction with his main site, Paul hosts some of his more recent shots on a Flickr page and I would highly recommend a visit; it contains some excellent photographic documentation of rarely-seen behaviour, such as kleptoparasitism between a Barn owl and Kestrel.

Wildlife Pictures Online (WPO)
Some breath-takingly stunning wildlife photographs by South African nature photographer Skotch Macaskill.

Wild Ocean Photography
A commercial site showcasing some breath-taking marine photographs by marine biologist and SCUBA diver Rosanna Milligan. The site has recently been updated to include guides to some of Rosanna's wildlife spots as well as some pointers on underwater photography. Whether you're looking to buy print, curious about the marine life of Scotland, or looking to try your hand at underwater photography, this site is well worth a visit.

Wolf Park and Wolf Photography
Two fascinating sites dealing with the biology and conservation of America's wolves. Both sites contain some truly stunning photographs by staff photographer Monty Sloan.

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Nature Reserves

Alice Holt Forest
An independent website, maintained by Patrick Butler, publicising the plight of this Ancient Royal forest in east Hampshire. The site contains information on the Forest's history and wildlife, as well as a guide to local pubs and details on the recreational facilities available within the forest. Well worth a visit if you're in that neck of the woods!

Brook Hall
A website about Brook Hall, a large Regency period house set in 35 acres of spectacular parkland along the banks of the River Foyle. The site contains details of the house and grounds as well as information, photos and video of some of the local wildlife (including foxes, badgers, bats, squirrels and various plants).

Buckland Lake Reserve
A family-run project to convert a 60 acre flooded chalk quarry on the north Kent Marshes into a nature reserve. Despite being in its infancy, the site is already attracting birds from the surrounding marshes, with the list currently including little and great crested grebes, gadwals, pochards, shovelers, scaup, lapwings, green sandpipers, sparrowhawks, sand martins, mistle thrush, fieldfare and kingfishers.

Judy Woods Heritage Site
A site campaigning for the protection -- by nomination as a Second Tier Site Local Nature Reserve -- of Judy Woods (a 40 hectare area of woodland in Bradford). This site contains some excellent information and photographs (esp. the Moth & Butterfly section) of some of the wildlife to be found in the woods. Well worth a visit and of particular interest if you're a nature lover living in Bradford.

Local Wildlife Trusts
Links to wildlife trusts across the UK.

New Forest Explorer's Guide
A very useful and interesting site, developed by Andrew Walmsley, about covering a diversity of topics associated with the New Forest National Park. Topics include wildlife, local sights, village history and more general New Forest history.

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Science and Nature Directories

!itzalist Science Directory
Directory focusing on science, anatomy, research articles, pictures, dictionaries, universities, education, information, resources, and guides.

Reach Wildlife
An online educational resource, which offers children the opportunity to view live wildlife webcams and to share their experiences with each other and with a global audience.

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Sharks, Rays and Ocean Life

British Marine Life Study Society
A British-based organisation aimed at stimulating interest in the undersea world and natural history of the seas, and related subjects. The site contains various readable and informative articles on marine life and the ocean environment.

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory
Website of the CSR Lab (based at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography). The lab is responsible for research and stock assessment of the shark species found in the waters off Canada's east coast. They're also heavily involved in otolith (earstone) research and have a fascinating site devoted to the subject.

Captain Tom’s New England Shark Site
An educational site about sharks, with a focus on those in the author's local waters.

Dedicated to Sharks Site
Website by young shark enthusiast Haaien Bijtje.

Fascinating information about the biology and evolution of elasmobranch fishes. This site also contains information on the basics of diving with sharks and rays.

Fiona's Shark Mania
Links to everything sharky!

Henry Mollet’s Elasmobranch Database
Website of Moss Marine Landing shark scientist Henry Mollet. The site is a veritable hotch-potch of shark information, from shark dental formulas to a list of all the Megamouth specimens found to-date.

International Year of the Shark
Shark conservation website spearheaded by Alex Buttigieg and Ila France Porcher.

Krill Oil - Bioluminescence
Website of commercial oil-production company Everest Nutrition. Ordinarily I don't include sites that sell such products, but this link provides an interesting summary of bioluminescence in marine animals, with links to other resources on the subject. Thanks to Abby Murray's science class for bringing this to my attention!

Let Sharks Live
A live discussion network created for the dissemination of news about shark conservation. The blog contains regular discussion about shark conservation issues and new items from around the world relating to shark conservation. Ila Fance Porcher has worked extensively on this blog and it is linked with her Shark Words blog.

Natal Sharks Board
Organisation devoted to the research and conservation of sharks found in South African waters. The Board aims to protect people from sharks and sharks from people!

Pacific Shark Research Center
Details of the research, projects and programs of the PSRC at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory in California. The site also includes information on the age, growth and reproduction of various Pacific elasmobranchs, a "Featured Elasmobranch" and details of population genetics studies by the Centre.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF)
Information on the sharks of North America as well as details regarding shark education and conservation.

ReefQuest Center for Shark Research
Certainly the most scientifically accurate and informative chondrichthyan natural history site on the Internet today. The coverage includes almost every aspect of elasmobranch biology, ecology, systematics and evolution. Most -- if not all -- of the site's content was created by the walking encyclopaedia that was R. Aidan Martin and is, as such, highly recommended. Tragically, Aidan passed away in February 2007 at the age of 41, but his site remains, a testament to his dedication to, as well as love and understanding of, everything elasmobranch. Note: Owing to the spectacular amount of high quality information on the site, this link will take you to the Site Map, from where you can easily navigate to the areas that may interest you.

Shark Conservation Society
A British shark conservation society setup by Shark Trust chairman Richard Peirce. The Shark Conservation Society seeks to further conservation through research expeditions and campaigns based on fact and practical experience, and to promote best practice when interaction with sharks is necessary.

Shark Research Committee
Ralph Collier's website detailing research, projects and programs of the Shark Research Committee and details on the natural history, distribution and incidence of human attacks by the Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias..

The Shark Trust
News and details on the conservation of sharks and rays around the world.

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Grampian Red Squirrel Group
A group promoting the conservation of Red squirrels in Scotland.

Red Squirrels in South Scotland Project
A fascinating site looking at the plight of the Red squirrel in the UK as well as what is being done to conserve it in Scotland.

Red Squirrels Of The Highlands
A dedicated group of biologists and volunteers involved in the research and conservation of Red squirrels throughout the Scottish Highlands.

Red Squirrel Survival Trust
A national body established to ensure the conservation and protection of the red squirrel in the UK.

Red Squirrel Trust - Wales
Formerly known as Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrels, the Red Squirrel Trust for Wales is coordinating a dynamic partnership between landowners, community groups and local volunteers working to improve woodland habitats, erect nest boxes, provide supplemental feeding and monitor Red squirrel populations.

Save Our Squirrels
Red squirrel conservation program by the Wildlife Trusts. This site contains tons of information and plenty of stuff for children.

Squirrel Web
Web forum containing details of some of the latest sciurid research, including conference abstracts and a Red squirrel newsletter.

The Squirrel Sanctuary
A centre in the USA involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of Grey squirrels. This site contains some interesting information (especially on behaviour) as well as comprehensive details of how they care for their subjects.

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Wildlife Expeditions

Deep Blue Utilia
A dive company offering the chance to swim with the world's largest fish species, the Whale Shark in the "Whale Shark Capitol of the Caribbean", the Bay Islands of Honduras. This site also contains excellent photographs of Rhincodon and other marine life taken by the staff divers.

Mammals of Wytham Woods (WildCRU & Earthwatch)
The WildCRU at Oxford University's Zoology Department have been studying the flora and fauna of Wytham Woods for more than 60 years. This site details how volunteers can get involved in some of their mammal monitoring projects, especially those arranged in collaboration with Earthwatch, which I have taken part in and can highly recommend.

Shearwater Coastal Cruises
A charter boat -- based in Pwllheli, North Wales -- specialising in scenic coastal cruises and visits to seal and seabird colonies, usually accompanied by resident dolphins. The crew also participate in PHOTO-ID projects of the local dolphins.

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Wildlife Products and Services

Aardvark Pest Management
As the name suggests, this is a pest control company. This link will take you to their page on wildlife diseases and health concerns, which contains information some might find useful when dealing with common household 'pest' species.

Bird Seed Feeders
Steve Groves' website through which he sells bird feeders. The site also includes information about which seeds should be used for attracting specific species and where best to locate your seed feeders.

Get Pet Supplies
A website selling wildlife feeding supplies. This link directs to the wildlife shop, stocking food and feeders for birds and mammals, including badgers, foxes and hedgehogs.

Pennine Books
A great place to get hold of a wide variety of fascinating and hard-to-find books on National History, including mammals, birds, flowers, microscopy, topography and field guides. Owned by Paul Talbot.

RMG Wildlife
A great place to satisfy all your wildlife greetings card needs. The site also sells DVDs of wildlife species from butterflies to badgers along with some truly spectacular wildlife prints and local interest books. The free gallery ensures there's something of every wildlife lover, whether they come with their PayPal login or not!

Stranger In The Woods
Stranger in the Woods is a charming tale of winter wonder, which uses Carl Sams' & Julie Stoick's wildlife photography to tell the heart-warming story of animals’ reaction to a snowman who appears in the woods after a winter storm. Some excellent photos as well as the chance to buy the book or the movie.

Wildlife and Countryside Services
Site by wildlife consultant Martin Bailey, which offers a range of goods and services to businesses, individuals, schools and youth groups as well as to wildlife gardeners.

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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Bournemouth Bird Rescue
Website of Nigel and Jo Nelson, who rescue and rehabilitate birds in Hampshire . The site includes advice on what to do if you find an injured/grounded bird, along with a gallery of photos of some of their patients.

British Services - Animal Welfare
A comprehensive resource covering major government departments, associations, non-profit organisations, charities, groups and clubs. This link will take you to a list of UK animal welfare organisations, institutions and associations.

Farplace Animal Rescue
A 'no kill' sanctuary in Westgate (County Durham, UK) for unwanted and abused farm animals, domestic pets and injured or orphaned wildlife.

Irish Wildlife Matters
A wildlife first aid resource, heavily orientated towards Irish mammal and bird species, aimed at the general public, rehabilitators, vets, and anyone working in the sphere of wildlife or conservation. The site is the culmination of a year’s work of collecting, collating and verifying correct procedures for wildlife rescue, care and rehabilitation. There's a wealth of information this site and anyone looking to care for a wildlife casualty should read this first. There is also a comprehensive list of Ireland's wildlife carers under the Contacts section.

Vale Wildlife Rescue
Wildlife rehabilitation centre setup by Caroline Gould. The site contains information about the charity, webcams, a blog and forum. The centre is running a wildlife rehabilitation course for interested parties - full details can be found on the New page.

Wildlife Rescue Directory
Website containing help and advice about rescuing wildlife, along with lists (and reviews) of wildlife rescue centres and wildlife-friendly vets in the UK.

Wildlife Waystation
A US-based non-profit sanctuary, located in the San Fernando Valley, dedicated to holding, rehabilitation, medical and problem solving refuge for native, wild, and exotic animals.

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Wildlife Web Forums

Wild About the British Isles
Since the sad demise of the Wild About Britain forums, this is one of several that have sprung up to fill the void. The forum aims to provide a friendly environment in which to exchange wildlife/nature/conservation ideas and opinions, get identifications of species and share photos. Many members of the former WAB site are now registered here.

Wildlife UK Forums
A web-based chat forum for wildlife enthusiasts from the UK and further a field. Free registration is required to post messages (browsing messages is open to all).

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