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Content Updated: 7th February 2016

I think it is safe to say that this website would not be half of what it is now if I had embarked on this alone. Many people have taken the time and trouble to help me with various aspects of the site, from proof reading the text to providing photographs, reprints and reviewing the site's functionality. To these people I am eternally grateful. I sincerely hope that I have not forgotten anyone in the list below - if I have, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will set the record straight. Thanks a million to everyone who has been involved with the construction of this site, I hope you approve of it thus far.

Maureen Baldwin
Philip Baldwin
Linda Fuller
Natasha Harper
Philip Jones
Ali Magnum
Lyn Powley
Roger Powley
Stephanie Powley
Johanna Widdowson

Click on the photographer's name to go to their website
Steve Adams
Frank Anderson
Brian Andrews
Pamela Archer
Nicola Arthy
Eric Ashby
Lee Ashbourne
Jon Atkinson
Scott Austen and the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Alexandra (Lex) Barron
Alan Browne
Alex “The Sharkman” Buttigieg
David Bailey
Dr Helen Bailey (University of Maryland)
Jennifer Bailey (English Country Garden)
Claire Baldwin
Maureen Baldwin
Philip Baldwin
Kym Ball
Steve Barker
Prof. Cyrille Barrette (Universite Laval)
Lee R. Berger
Andrew Bertram
David Bird
Pat Bird
Paul Blackley
Iain Blacklock
Jane Bowen
Nick Brockway
Colin Brown
Maggie Bruce
Dr Toni Bunnell (Help York's Hedghogs on Facebook)
Ron Bury
Peter Cairns (NorthShots)
Paul Calder
Dr Steve Campana (Canadian Shark Research Laboratory)
John Carlson
Robert Carter
Paul Cecil
Claire Challinor
Christine Chandler
Edward Charles
John Chenger (Bat Management)
Alison Clair
Sue Clayton
Nigel and Marion Cole
Paul Coleman
Richard Collingwood
Kay Cooper
Wendy Cooper
Stuart Covey
Pete Cox
Jenny Cross
Karla Croswhite
Barry Crowley
Colin Culver
Simon Currie
Jan Curtis
Jennifer Dark
Rosemarie Donaldson
Georgina Dorsett
Joe Downey
Art Drauglis
Jo Draper
Julian Drewe (Windfall Films)
Claire Dulanty
Jim Duncan
John Dyer (Fish and Game New Zealand)
Alexander Eames
Ton Egbers (Lumba Lumba Dive Centre)
Fiona Emslie
Herbert Eppel
Epping Hedgehog Rescue
Farplace Animal Rescue
Don Faulkner
Eelke Folmer
John Forbes (USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services)
Gitta and Jurgen Forst
Ron Fox
Steve Fox
Linda Fuller
Mark Gale
Sue Gambin
Janis Gascoigne
Dr Zimra Gordon
Caroline Gould (Vale Wildlife Rescue)
David Gray
Ian David Greenhalgh
Pauline Miller Greenhalgh
Arthur Grosset
Dave Grubb
Prof. Sam Gruber and Marie Gruber (Bimini Marine Laboratory)
Calvin J. Hamilton
Neil Hammerschlag (University of Miami)
Natasha Harper
Doris Harrison
Roger Harris
Jeff Harrison
Lynn Harrison
Ralph Har
Dennis Hawkins
Phil Haynes
Jane Hendrix
Marc Henwood
Will Higgs (Skull Site)
Martin Hughes
Marshall Hull
John Humble
Matthew Hunt
Dr Barry Hutchins (West Australian Museum)
Chris Holt
Alan Holmes
Katie Hostad
Mark Houghton
Steve Houghton
John Jarry
Dr Michael Jessup
Andy Jones (PXL8)
Philip Jones
Vivien Jones
Nick Joult
Anne-Marie Klaus
Svetlana Koleva
I. V. Korneev (Leningrad Zoo)
Raymond Leinster
Prof. Gerald Lincoln (University of Edinburgh)
Daniel Lombard
Paul Mabbott
Scotch Macaskill
David Macdonald (WildCRU)
Jason Mack
Dr Gregory R. Mann (Ocean Treasures)
John Martin
John Martin (The Woodman)
John Mason
Louise McCarthy
Jonathan McGowan
Joe McKenna
Peter McMurdie
Ellen McNally
Meads Meads
Laura Memmiche
Pauline Miller
Ross Mitchell
Bruce Montague
Laura Morchella
Pete Morris
Adrian Morrison
Frederick A. Murphy (University of California, Davis)
Bradley Nelson
Stuart Nicholls
Cherrie Nolden (University of Wisconsin)
Prof. Link Olsen (University of Alaska Museum of the North)
Jayne Page
Stephen Page
Michael Pallister
Avery Parry
Karen Pawsey
Christopher Pearson
Kerry Pearson
Graham Perry
Alan and Sandra Peschke (AandSPhoto.com)
Clive Peters
Jean Peters
Richard Peters
Laura Philip
Christine Phillips
Kevin Phillips
Neil Phillips
Dr Mark Plonsky (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)
Annie Poole
Ila France Porcher
Roger Powley
Stephanie Powley
David Pressland
Linda Priestley
RMG Wildlife
Andrew Ratcliffe
Jonathan Reynolds (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust)
Jason Rivers
Kevin Robson
Jenny Ross
Rob Russell
Carl R. Sams
Paul Sawford
Tony Sellen
Tony Sellwood
Vicky Seymour
Colin Shaw
Nick Shelley
Ray Simmonds
Dr Bohdan Olaf Sklepkovych (University of Oulu)
Monty Sloan
Joanna Soffe
Bill Smith
Karen-Eva Starling Smith
Marc Stacey
Sarah Storr
Dale Sutton
Josephine Sweetman
Keith Talbot
John Thompson
Mike Towler
Peter Trimming
Lyudmila N. Trut
Craig Tume
Rob Turner
Colin Villamuera
Ron Waggoner
James Warwick
Eileen Walthall
Dave Webb
Rachael Webb
Bill Welch
Anne Whitehead
Tracy and Nigel Willoughby
Janet Wright
Wild Things Sanctuary
David Wilson
Dr Steve Wilson (University of New Hampshire)
Kevin Witts
Staci Wood
Susan Worsfold
Louise Wren
Aradhana Yoga

Eileen Ashby
Susan Armstrong
Mark Bradfield
Adrian Brayshaw
David Benson
Dr. Christina Buesching (WildCRU, Oxford)
Martin Cadee
Claire Challinor
Prof. Leonard Compagno (AfriOceans)
Paul Crozier (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Simon Currie (Forestry Commission)
Hayley Edwards
Ian Fergusson (Shark Specialist Group)
Dr Ben Garnett (Central Science Laboratory)
Caroline Gould (Vale Wildlife Rescue)
Dr Martin Goulding
Prof. Alton Harestad (Simon Frasier University, Canada)
Natasha Harper
Prof. Stephen Harris (University of Bristol)
Lynn Harrison
Hedgehog Bottom (Hedgehog Rescue)
Jane Hendrix
Douglas Herdson
Prof. Charles Horn (Hillman Cancer Center)
Dirk Hovestadt
John A. W. Lock
Mary Louise (Bat Person)
Prof. David Macdonald (University of Oxford)
R. Aidan Martin (ReefQuest Center for Shark Research)
Prof. Chris Mason
Dr Sarah Moore
Nick Morgan
Dr Chris Newman (WildCRU, Oxford)
Malcolm Ogilvie
Timothy Partridge (Vale Wildlife Rescue)
Christopher Pearson
Kerry Pearson
Richard Peirce
Roger Powley
Tina Rae
Dr Jonathan Reynolds (Game Conservancy Trust)
Malcolm Riding (University of Central Lancashire)
Dr David Taylor
Mike Towler

Ben Blincoe
Ben Burchell
Jo Draper
Natasha Harper
Philip Jones
Elaine King
Darren Larmer
Roger Powely
Stephanie Powley
Andy Rickman

Finally, thanks to all those scientists, friends and family who have inspired me, sent me reprints, fuelled my interests and put up with my mood swings when things looked bleak - too many to list here, but I salute you all!

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