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Content Updated: 1st July 2012

Marc Baldwin

Name: Marc Baldwin

Birthplace: West Sussex, UK

Current Place of Residence: On the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, UK

General Interests and Hobbies: Pretty much anything to do with wildlife, photography, reading, movies, computers, web design, technical and generic writing, video editing, music, tae bo and going out for a couple of beers with mates. Over the last few years my interest in wildlife photography has grown immensely and I regularly drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to take my camera in search of cool wildlife to photograph. While I don't consider myself anywhere close to a decent photographer (I know a lot of people who are way better than me), I am slowly improving and my efforts are now available for the world to see on my Flickr page. Check out my Gallery.

Specific Interests: Lots! I'm fascinated by animal taxonomy, evolution of fishes and mammals, elasmobranch natural history, fish metabolism, TMAO in deepsea fishes, the structure and function of fish immune tissues, crocodilian behaviour and biology, bat natural history, deer biology, and fox behaviour and social structure. More generically, my interests include: Marine biology, freshwater biology, vertebrate zoology; behavioural ecology; food web interactions; fish biology, ecology, behaviour, evolution and immunity (with special interest pertaining to elasmobranch fishes); mammalian and reptilian biology, ecology and behaviour; TMAO in elasmobranches and its variation according to habitat and life history; the use of magnetotaxis by bats, birds, turtles and sharks; the use of posturing to convey ‘mood’ by animals; hierarchical interactions in animals; maintenance and care of species in a captive environment; detection and response to electrical fields by elasmobranch fishes; and carnivore, artiodactylan, chiropteran, selachian phylogenetics.

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