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Content Updated: 21st August 2012

Here is a list of some sources that deal more completely with some of the topics covered on this site. I found most of these books invaluable whilst creating the content for this site. I have tried to include references that you can get from your local library and have not listed any of the scientific papers. New sources will be added as I come across them and the site expands. If you know of a particularly good book that should be on this list, please e-mail me the details.


Badger by Timothy J. Roper (Colins New Naturalist - 2010)
Badgers by Michael Clark (Whittlet Books, London - 2001)
Badgers by Mairi Cooper and John Ralstow (Scottish Natural Heritage and British Geological Society Booklets - 1997)
Badgers of Yorkshire and Humberside by Adrian Middleton and Richard Paget (H. Morley and Sons - 1974)
Badger Behaviour Conservation and Rehabilitation by George E. Pearce (Pelagic Publishing - 2011)
The Badger proceedings edited by Thomas J. Hayden (Royal Irish Academy - 1991)
The Badger (2nd Edition) by Michael Woods (The Mammal Society - 2010)
The Badger Man: Memoirs of a Biologist by Earnest Neal (Providence Press - 1994)
The Natural History of Badgers by Ernest Neal (Christopher Helm Publishers - 1986)
That Mad Badger… by Molly Burkett (Tandem Publishing - 1974)
The Social Badger by Hans Kruuk (Oxford University Press - 1989)


A Guide to British Bats (3rd Edition) by Kate Jones and Allyson Walsh (Field Studies Council - 2006)
A Field Guide to British Bats by Frank Greenaway and A. M. Hutson (Bruce Coleman Books, Middlesex - 1990)
Bat Ecology by Thomas Kunz and Brock Fenton (University of Chicago Press - 2005)
Bats by Phil Richardson (Whittet Books Ltd., London - 1985) (Natural History Museum, London - 2002)
British Bats by John Altringham (Collins New Naturalist Series - 2003)
Echolocation in Bats and Dolphins edited by Jeanette Thomas, Cynthia Moss, and Marianne Vater (University of Chicago Press, USA - 2003)
Environmental Artbook Series: Australian Bats by Jim Morris and Lynne Tracey (Greater Glider Productions, Australia - 2003)
Shire Natural History Series #15: Bats of the British Isles by A.A. Wardhaugh (Shire Publishers Ltd., Bucks - 1995)
Silently by Night: About the little-known but fascinating world of bats by Russell Peterson (Longman Ltd., London - 1966)
The Biology of Bats by Gerhard Neuweiler (Oxford University Press - 2000)
The Complete Bat by James Robertson (Chatto and Windus, London - 1990)


A Highland Deer Herd and its Habitat by Jos M. Milner, Jim S. Alexander and Cy Griffin (Red Lion House - 2002)
A Life for Deer: A deer vet tells their story and his by John Fletcher (Victor Gollancz Books - 2000)
Deer by Norma Chapman (Whittlet Books, London - 1991)
Deer of Britain and Ireland: Their origins and distribution by Peter Carne (Swan-Hill Press, Shrewsbury - 2000).
Deer of the World: Their Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology by Valerius Geist (Stackpole Books - 1998)
Deer Watch: A Field Guide (Revised Edition) by Richard Prior (Swan Hill Press - 2007)
Gardens and Deer: A guide to damage limitation by Charles Coles (SwanHill Press - 1997)
Grazing in Temperate Ecosystems: Large Herbivores and the Ecology of the New Forest by Rod J. Putman (Croom Helm Ltd. - 1986)
Kia - A Study of Red Deer by Ian Alcock (Swan Hill Press, Shrewsbury - 1999)
Living with Deer by Richard Prior (Andre Deusch Ltd., 1965)
Red Deer: Behaviour and Ecology of Two Sexes by Tim Clutton-Brock, Fiona Guinness and Steve Albon (Edinburgh University Press - 1982)
The Natural History of Deer by Rory Putman (Christopher Helm - 1988)
The Story of a Red-Deer by William Fortescue (MacMillian and Co - 1897)


A Fox's Tale: The secret life of the fox by Robin Page (Hodder and Stoughton - 1986)
British Wildlife: Foxes by Sally Morgan (Franklin Watts - 2005)
Country Foxes by Hugh Kolb (Whittet Books - 1996)
Dogs: Their fossil relatives and evolutionary history by Xiaoming Wang and Richard H. Tedford (Columbia University Press - 2008)
Fox by Martin Wallen (Reaktion Books - 2006)
Foxes (Mammal Society Series) by Steve Harris (Anthony Nelson Ltd. - 1984)
Foxwatching: In the shadow of the fox by Martin Hemmington (Whittet Books - 1997)
Free Spirit: A brush with a fox by Michael Chambers (Methuen London - 1990)
How to Spot a Fox by J. David Henry (Chapters Publishing Ltd., 1993)
Just About Me by Mike Towler (Self Published - 2006)
My Life With Foxes by Eric Ashby (Robert Hale Books - 2000)
Red Fox: The Catlike Canine by J. David Henry (Smithsonian Institution Press - 1996)
Running with the Fox by David MacDonald (UnwinHyman - 1987)
The Complete Fox by Les Stocker (Chatto and Windus, Ltd., London - 1994)
The Nature of Foxes: Hunters of the shadows by Rebecca Grambo (Greystone Books, Vancouver - 1995)
Town Fox, Country Fox by Brian Vezey-Fitzgerald (The Country Book Club - 1968)
Unearthing the Urban Fox by Trevor Williams and Andrew Wilson (The Fox Project, Kent - 2000)
Urban Foxes by Stephen Harris and Phil Baker (Whittet Books - 2001)
Wild Fox: A complete study of the Red fox by Roger Burrows (David and Charles Publishers - 1968)


Dearest Prickles: The story of a delightful hedgehog family by Walter and Christl Podushka (Neville Spearman - 1972)
Hedgehogs by Pat Morris (Whittet Books, Suffolk - 1983)
Hedgehogs by Nigel Reeve (T and AD Poyser Ltd., London - 1996)
Hedgehogs: A comprehensive study by Konrad Herter (Phoenix House Publications - 1966)
A Prickly Affair: My life with hedgehogs by Hugh Warwick (Penguin Books - 2008)
St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital: Jaws the Hedgehog and Other Stories by Les Stocker (Collins - 1995)
The Complete Hedgehog by Les Stocker (Chatto and Windus, London - 1987)
The Hedgehog by Maurice Burton (Corgi Publishing - 1969)
The Hedgehog by Pat Morris (Shire Natural History Publications - 1988)
The Natural Hedgehog by Lenni Sykes and Jane Durrant (Gaia Books - 1995)
The New Hedgehog Book by Pat Morris (Whittet Books, Suffolk - 2006)
The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle by Beatrix Potter (Collins/Frederick Warne and Co. - 1905)
Wild Britain: Hedgehog by Louise Spilsbury and Richard Spilsbury (Heinemann Library - 2004)


Collins Field Guide: Sharks of the World by Leonard Compagno, Marc Dando and Sarah Fowler (Collins - 2005)
Field Guide to the Great White Shark by R. Aidan Martin (ReefQuest Center for Shark Research - 2001)
Reef Sharks and Rays of the World by Scot W. Michael (Sea Challengers, California - 1993)
Shark Smart: The diver's guide to understanding shark behaviour by Richard Martin (Diving Naturalist Press, British Columbia - 1995)
Sharks: History and biology of the lords of the sea by Angelo Mojetta (The Five Mile Press, Australia - 1997)
Sharks: Silent hunters of the deep by Reader's Digest (Reader's Digest, London - 1994)
Sharks by Reader's Digest Explores (Reader's Digest, London - 1998)
Sharks of the World by Rodney Steel (Blandford Press, London - 1992)
Sharks of Tropical and Temperate Seas by Richard H. Johnson (Les-Editions-Du-Pacifique - 1978)
Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of California by David A. Ebert (University of California Press, Berkeley - 2003)
Sharks, Skates and Rays of the Carolinas by Frank J. Schwartz (University of North Carolina Press - 2003)
The Jaws of Death by Xavier Maniguet (HarperCollins, London - 1992)

See Aidan Martin's or Alex Buttigieg’s site for a more comprehensive review of popular shark books


Squirrels by Monica Shorten (Collins, London - 1954)
Squirrels by Jessica Holm (Whittet Books, Suffolk - 1987)
Squirrels In Your Garden by Doreen King (Kingdom Books, Havant - 1998)
The Natural History of Squirrels by John Gurnell (Christopher Helm Mammal Series - 1987)
The Red Squirrel by Jessica Holm (Shire Natural History, Bucks - 1989)
The Red Squirrel: Redressing the Wrong by Charles Dutton (European Squirrel Initiative - 2004)


Cladistics (Second Edition) by Ian Kitching, Peter Forey, Christopher Humphries and David Williams (Oxford Science Publications, Oxford - 1998)


A Country Chronicle by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald (Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. - 1984)
A World Without Bees
by Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum (Guardian Books - 2009)
Animal Tragic: Popular misconceptions of wildlife through the centuries
by Malcolm Tait (Think Books - 2006)
Battle of the Sexes in the Animal World - The natural history of sex by John Sparks (BBC Books, London - 1999)
Britain's Mammals: A Concise Guide by People's Trust for Endangered Species (Whittet Books - 2010)
Classification of Mammals Above the Species Level
by Malcolm C. McKenna and Susan K. Bell (Columbia University Press - 1997)
Collins Field Guide: Mammals of Britain and Europe by David MacDonald and Priscilla Barrett (HarperCollins Publishers, London - 1993)
Environmental Biology of Fishes by Malcolm Jobling (Chapman and Hall, London - 1996)
Extinctions and Invasions: A social history of British fauna compendium edited by Terry O'Connor and Naomi Sykes (Windgather Press - 2010)
Fauna Britannica by Stefan Buczacki (Hamlyn Publishing, London - 2002)
Field Guide to the Animals of Britain by Reader's Digest (Reader's Digest, London - 1996)
Finding and Identifying Mammals by Gordon Corbet (British Museum, London - 1989)
Food Hoarding in Animals by Stephen B. Vander Wall (University of Chicago Press - 1990)
Highland Deer Forest by Lea MacNally (J.M. Dent and Sons Ltd. - 1970)
Hunter and Hunted by Han Kruuk (Cambridge University Press - 2002)
Instant Notes in Animal Biology by Richard Jurd (Bios Scientific Publishers, Oxford - 1997)
Introduction to Animal Parasitology by J.D. Smith (The English Universities Press, London - 1962)
Living with Urban Wildlife by John Bryant (Centaur Press - 2002)
Mammal Detective by Rob Strachan (Whittet Books, Suffolk - 1995)
Mammals of the World: A checklist by Andrew Duff and Ann Lawson (AandC Black - 2004)
Mind the Gap: Postglacial colonization of Ireland compendium edited by John L. Davenport, David P. Sleeman and Peter C. Woodman (Irish Naturalists' Journal - 2008)
Nature Cure by Richard Mabey (Vintage 2008 - 2005)
Nick Baker's British Wildlife: A month by month guide by Nick Baker (New Holland Publishers - 2003)
Nightmares of Nature by Richard Matthews (HarperCollins Publishers, London - 1995)
Otters by Paul Chanin (Whittlet Books, London - 1993)
RSPCA Book of British Mammals edited by C. L. Boyle (Collins/RSPCA - 1981)
Secret Language of the Sea by Robert F. Burgess (Dodd, Mead and Co., New York - 1981)
Silent Fields: The long decline of a nation's wildlife by Roger Lovegrove (Oxford Univesrity Press - 2007)
Simon King's Wildguide by Simon King (BBC Books, London - 1994)
Supernatural - The unseen powers of animals by John Downer (BBC Books, London - 1999)
The Biology of Fishes by Q. Bone, N.B. Marshall and J.H.S. Blaxter (Stanley Thornes Ltd., Gloucestershire - 1999)
The Darkness is Light Enough: The field journal of a night naturalist by Chris Ferris (Sphere Books Ltd. - 1986)
The Encyclopaedia of Mammals edited by David MacDonald (Andromeda Oxford Ltd., London - 1995)
The Life of Mammals by David Attenborough (BBC Books, London - 2002)
The Life of Vertebrates (Third Edition) by John Z. Young (Oxford University Press, Oxford - 1995)
The Mammalian Radiations: An analysis of trends in evolution, adaptation, and behavior by John F. Eisenberg (University of Chicago Press - 1981)
The Natural History of the Isle of Wight by Oliver Frazer ( Dovecote Press - 1990)
The Naturalized Animals of Britain and Ireland by Christopher Lever (New Holland Publishers Ltd. - 2009)
The Wildlife Trust's Handbook of Garden Wildlife by Nicholas Hammond (New Holland Publishers, London - 2002)
UK Mammals: Species Status and Population Trends by the Tracking Mammals Partnership (JNCC/TMP - 2005)
Urban Carnivores: Ecology, Conflict, and Conservation compendium edited by Stanley D. Gehrt, Seth P.D. Riley and Brian L. Cypher (John Hopkins University Press - 2010)
Urban Mammals: A Concise Guide (People's Trust for Endangered Species Guides) by David Wembridge (Whittet Books - 2012)
Urban Wildlife
by Peter Shirley (Whittet Books - 1996)
Whales of the World by Nigel Bonner (Blandford Press, London - 1989)
Wild Animals of Britain and Europe by Helga Hofmann (Collins Nature Guides, London - 1995)

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